The economic model is built upon the desire to compete for each individual. Unlike other blockchain P2E (Play2Earn) ecosystems where the speculative factor mostly determines the outcome of the potential investment, we value the time each player has invested to sharpen their skills.

The following is achieved by us hosting in-game tournaments where you can participate by owning our utility token $FORA. Each game in the ecosystem is carefully crafted to balance out the playing field.


Expanding upon this we plan on having a content driven NFT system that will let players customize their future in-game competitors. This, however, will not bring a competitive edge to any future enthusiast. The content system will be powered by creators who participate in the ecosystem. Each artist who wishes to submit their content will be judged by the community and if the community deems the submission worthy of an appearance on our market it will happen, the artist will be compensated fully for the content. The rarity of an asset will be determined by the occasion and the speculators involved.